We sell tires and offer discounted labor rates for installation if the tire is purchased at our shop. Tire labor costs are very hard to quote as there are so many variables… Motorcycle or ATV? Your tire or ours? Wheel on the bike or off? What size is the tire/wheel? Tubed or tubeless? Is there a rim lock? How many ply? Is the wheel clean? Did someone put in liquid tire sealer? Give us as much information as possible, and we’d be happy to give you an estimate.


Grants Pass Suzuki recommends using genuine Suzuki parts on your machine whenever possible. There are exceptions and we are happy to advise you in that regard.

When calling or submitting a request for price and availability on any part, be sure you know the year and model of your Suzuki. If you are not sure, get the frame VIN number and we’ll find out what you are working on. Proper vehicle identification is critical to getting you the correct part the first time.

Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha riders might be surprised to find we also carry parts for their machines. We have most oil filters, spark plugs, and tires in stock. In most cases we are able to special order any hard parts you need for the brands we do not sell.

We must know the year, make and model to get the proper parts.
All special orders must be paid for in advance.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Shipping is available to your door via UPS.

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Not Sure Where Your VIN# Located?

The easiest place to get your VIN# is off your bike / ATV registration as they can be located almost anywhere depending on the model of bike or ATV. Documents, such as the title or vehicle registration, will also have the VIN#.

One semi-comon location is on the stem of the handlebar

Close-up of VIN# location