Suzuki customers know they’ll get outstanding service at Grants Pass Suzuki. We’re proud to have received the Super Service Award of Excellence from Suzuki Motors of America for twelve years running. We’ve also been awarded the prestigious Cutting Edge Service Award as the top-rated Suzuki dealer in the region for performance and customer satisfaction. And our customer satisfaction index is always well above the national average.

What You Can Expect

You’ll always get quality work done right the first time. We don’t cut corners or rush through any job. Always plan to leave your vehicle with us for at least one day. As a small shop, we do the best we can to service your vehicle in a timely manner but prefer that customers drop-offs rather than wait for their vehicles. If you’re making an appointment for larger jobs plan on a week or two if parts must be ordered. We always stand behind the work we do.

What We Expect of You

Please be patient with us! You can expect to hear from us as soon as the work is done or if there will be a significant delay in the service of your vehicle. We prefer that you remove any detachable accessories unrelated to the service of your vehicle.  ATV cargo boxes and bags should be removed along with any tools stored within. Do not fill your gas tank if it holds more than two gallons. Before you drop off your vehicle for service, take a step back and look. We charge extra for working on a dirty bike or ATV, even if it is just a wheel. If it is not clean, please take the time to give it a bath before bringing it in.